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I would begin by putting on record the untiring efforts and hard work of many weeks put in by the editorial board in bringing out this issue of Amrit Times.

Children , we are living in a world of expectations- The expectations that the violence and strife in the world will let up, hatred, bitterness and baseness will give way to love, peace & brotherhood. The Prices of fuel, food items, daily needs will drop. Parents hope that their children will turn out well and the atmosphere saturated with happiness and congeniality will prevail at home and outside. We live our lives with hundred such expectations.

But today, events taking place all around us confound all our expectations. Everyone's goals is happiness, but no one finds it. Not only that, things unfold in such a way that we lose whatever little happiness we have. The sole cause of all is our rampant egoism & vile desires. There was a fear that the world would come to an end in 2012. In one sense isn't the world already ending? Are goodness & compassion dying out every moment. Can world prevail without them?

If we wish to recover little joy & contentment that we are losing, children, we have to embrace a life informed by spiritual thinking. Life based on strong faith in righteousness , divine power & noble deeds. We need to change our vision of life. For that we must change ourselves from within.

To Begin with, let us see our own limitations and faults and be ready to rectify them and gain the inner strength needed for spiritual and meditative life.

Our lives are original documents which we alone can create. Philosopher William James once said ,'Believe and your believe will in time create the fact' And Ralph Waldo Emerson said,' Beware of what you want, because there is a strong likelihood that you will get it"

So cleanse yourself so that this power may get through you. No matter what obstacles are before you, you will obtain absolutely astonishing feats.

Live with verve, victory and enthusiasm , such as you have never had before. Leave those old negative defeats at the altar of God. And let Him brighten up your spirits to conquer the walls all of those defeats around you.

Mrs. Jaskiran Kaur