A lot of importance is given to ethical values and our unique cultural heritage, important days & festivals are a colorful manner with the understanding of their significance. To inculate a healthy competitive spirit, the staff and students have been divided into four houses namely :

Baba Ajit Singh House

Baba Jujhar Singh House

Baba Zorawar Singh House

Baba Fteh Singh House

Parents Teacher Association

The PTAs have gradually gained strength due to emerging educational and social demands of the parents, teachers, school management and above all, community and society which we are an integral part. The PTAs help in creating better understanding among the teachers and parents. Thus it is only by the united and well coordinated efforts of the teachers and parents that the school can be made a better and useful institution of learning.

Amrit Indo Canadian Academy has also instituted a PTA which is holding its meetings regularly and giving the expected results. In this way we are determined to make education more effective, purposeful and meaningful.

Language Classes


The cell aims at exploring the aptitude of the students which help them to explore their career options. Students are groomed up to join industry not only for employablity but also inspired to shape the destiny of the nation with work ethics & professionalism ... More



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